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The latest research and articles about remote work for refugees.

CHAMS to partner with Na'amal and UNHCR to provide skills for remote work

As the world transitions toward a post-COVID reality with many companies abandoning their corporate offices, encouraging their employees to work from home or anywhere, the workplace is being re-imagined. Now that companies realize that employees do not need to be in an office, an opportunity has opened for refugees who have the skills. Refugees can be hired remotely by global companies. View Article

30 JUNE 2020

Workplaceless Partners with Na’amal to Support Remote Employment for Refugees

Since Workplaceless first engaged in the mission of teaching remote skill development, a primary aspect of our vision has been to leverage remote work as a way to increase accessibility of employment opportunities for under-served areas and populations. As we set out to advance this goal, we were grateful to be connected with Lorraine Charles, Director and Co-founder of Na’amal, who shares a similar vision of remote work as a means to provide opportunities for refugees and other vulnerable populations. View Article