Refugees working remotely


Na’amal teaches refugees to be remote workers and links them to dignified remote employment, as well as to the global community of remote workers.


Why remote work for refugees?

In many refugee-hosting countries, refugees have limited access to employment because of legal barriers, lack of available jobs or lack of skills.

Remote work can provide a solution, providing global employment through technology and the Internet to refugees where they are located.

Na’amal provides training, complimenting refugees’ technical skills, to support them to become remote workers and links them to online remote employment and a global community of remote workers.

“Migration is not a problem to be solved. It is a human reality to be managed”

William L. Swing
Former General Director of the International Organization for Migration

Our solution

Skills training for remote employment

Na’amal provides soft skill training for refugees to be remote workers, linking them to companies who are interested in hiring them. Na’amal will further support graduates in their entry into remote work via mentorship, continued training and linking them with the remote work global community.

Soft skills for remote work

Na’amal’s learning partner, which provides certified learning programmes to successfully transition individuals to remote work, will provide a programme specific to the refugee context, that takes into account the challenges that they potentially face when working remotely.

English language support

Na’amal’s language partner will provide refugees who need to improve their English with a personal tutor who will guide them through an individualised curriculum aligned to the Common European Framework.


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