Talent has no borders. We prepare refugees for the global workforce.

Na’amal partners with leading organisations to support refugees and other underrepresented communities through skills training, mentorship and remote work placement opportunities.

What We Do

At Na'amal we are passionate about enabling refugees and other underrepresented communities with dignified employment opportunities. We are proud to be working in partnership with organisations to provide support every step of the way; from learning new skills through to their offer of permanent remote employment.

Skills Training

Creating access to technical skills training, English language, and durable (soft) skills training for all.


Connecting refugees with individuals who will support their journey with regular mentoring.

Remote Work

Opening a world of remote work opportunities from their first paid internship through to permanent employment.

Thought Leadership

Using research-based evidence to advocate for a renewed vision of employment for refugees and other underrepresented communities.


Why could remote work be a solution to refugee livelihoods?

Whether because of legal limitations, language barriers, or simply a lack of local opportunity, many refugees struggle to secure employment. Often, refugees have not had the opportunity to receive sufficient education or work experience. With support, remote work can be the key to overcoming these employment obstacles.

Employment empowers refugees to live a dignified and financially independent life, enabling them to support their own families and improve the quality of their lives. Refugee access to employment not only positively impacts the individual, but also the economy of the host country. We strive to make this possible.

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Who We Work With

Each of our partners is individually making a difference, and together we create a strong ecosystem, overcoming the barriers our learners may be faced with.