About Us

Na’amal was born out of our research and observations about the economic situation of refugees in the Middle East.

We knew that there had to be a better way for refugees to earn a living than to be subjected to informal work in precarious conditions and in indignity. We knew that there is nothing that separates a refugee from anyone else, apart from the political title ‘refugee’.

We provide refugees and other vulnerable populations training in marketable skills required in the global labour market and link them to these jobs. We aim to shift the narrative of refugee employment; remote work could change the narrative of employment for refugees and others.

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Na’amal Team

Our team members are passionate about creating conditions for individuals to meet their full potential.

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Lorraine Charles

Co-Founder and Executive Director
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Amber Steck

Partnerships Manager
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Isabella Evason

Communications and Programme Coordinator
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Sonia Catinean

Programme Coordinator
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Adrian Smith

Legal Counsel