Our Purpose


Why is Na’amal’s work so important?

Having fled their home countries in search of a safer place to call home, many refugees are faced with the difficult task of finding dignified employment and providing for their families. Most refugees live in countries that also struggle to support much of their native populations. Whether because of legal limitations, language barriers, or simply a lack of local opportunity, many refugees struggle to secure employment. Many refugees have not had the opportunity to receive sufficient education or work experience. Often, refugees are forced to migrate further because of the absence of opportunity in their host country. Na’amal was created to pave a way for accessible remote employment for refugees and other vulnerable populations in the face of these obstacles, so that they may have the option of staying in the host country with meaningful employment.

Our Vision

We envision a world where refugees and other vulnerable populations have access to the skills and confidence to thrive in dignified employment.

Our Mission

We provide refugees and members of vulnerable populations with skills training and mentorship. We use our developed network of partners to connect graduates to remote employers for paid internships, and eventually paid employment.